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Bug Squashing Day Wrap-Up

We Came, We Saw, We Squashed Bugs. The Evergreen community held its first Bug Squashing Day August 26. The day was an opportunity for the entire community to focus on bugs: confirming bugs, coding bug fixes, testing patches, and merging signed-off patches into the core code. By the end of the day, eleven bug fixes […]

Evergreen Bug Squashing Day

The Evergreen community will hold its first Bug Squashing Day on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. The goal of bug squashing day is for contributors and volunteers to commit the entire day to the following activities: Fixing bugs; Testing bug fixes that have pullrequest tags; General bug wrangling activities (confirming bugs, marking duplicates, etc.); Pushing bug […]

Evergreen for Academics Interest Group Forms

A group of academics using or considering Evergreen has formed to focus on academic issues in the ILS. The goal of the group is to identify the academic-related functions that most need attention and work to build knowledge, consensus, and resources to move these issues forward. Evergreen for Academics will holds its first meeting in the #evergreen IRC […]