Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

There are a number of public mailing lists for people interested in Evergreen open source library software – general, governance, documentation,taskforces, development & commits. There is also one private security list used to report and discuss security vulnerabilities without disclosing those problems until a fix is available.

Mailing Lists Policy

In the interests of transparency everything on the mailing lists is public and logged.

Technically, administrators can delete things, but the content may be mirrored, has feeds and is in the Google cache & other search engines indexes, so deleting something doesn’t make it go away. Our policy is to leave the archives alone except in exceptional cases. Please send a request promptly to if you believe you are the exception.


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Security Mailing List

To report a vulnerability to the Evergreen security team please submit a bug through the LaunchPad site, and then flag the it as a “private security” bug by following these steps:

  1. Go to and report a bug.
  2. In the bug form, under the “further description box”, there’s a
    widget labeled “This bug contains information that is:”
  3. Click on it, and set the type to “Private Security”.
  4. Submit the bug.

For the rules governing the membership and access to the security mailing list, please refer to

General Mailing List

Evergreen General Discussion List

This is the general-topic, (usually) non-technical list for the Evergreen community — Evergreen users, librarians, library workers, library users, developers, fellow travelers, or people just plain curious about Evergreen. As of October, 2008, this list had over 500 members. Its traffic is moderate.

General means general. Posts range from discussions about possible new features to quick questions about implementation. There is no such thing as a “dumb” question or comment for the Evergreen general list. If you’re thinking the question, chances are, you’re in good company. Ask, and you give other members of the Evergreen community an opportunity to share their growing knowledge.

To subscribe to the Evergreen general discussion list, go to

Governance Mailing List

Evergreen Oversight Board List

This list is for the Evergreen Oversight Board discuss matters relating to the Evergreen Project.

To subscribe, go to

Evergreen Governance Discussion List

The Governance Committee used this list to discuss matters relating to the Evergreen Software Foundation.

The Evergreen Governance Discussion archives are available at

Evergreen Documentation

Evergreen Documentation Discussion List

This list is for planners, technical writers, trainers, documentation contributors, etc. participating in or interested in following the progress of the Evergreen documentation project.

To subscribe, go to

Evergreen Users

Evergreen Cataloging List

This list is for catalogers and technical services staff using the Evergreen ILS for discussion of cataloging related issues, workflows and to coordinate cataloging related development of the ILS.

To subscribe, go to

Evergreen Task Forces

Evergreen Web Team List

This list is for discussion regarding the Evergreen website and other related topics.

To subscribe, go to

Evergreen Reports Taskforce List

This list is for members of the Reports Taskforce which aims to establish a framework for sharing reports and improving the reporting system in Evergreen.

To subscribe, go to

Technical Lists

Evergreen Technical Discussion List

This list is for patches and technical discussions (including system administration topics) about Evergreen and OpenSRF. Messages and responses are often in the shorthand common to this culture.

To subscribe, go to

Evergreen System Administrators List

This discussion list was used for System Administrators of the Evergreen open source library software, but is no longer active.

The Evergreen System Administrators List archives are available at

Evergreen Git Commit List

This list tracks the full diff of every commit to the Evergreen git repository.

To subscribe, go to open-ils-commits

OpenSRF Git Commit List

This list tracks the full diff of every commit to the OpenSRF git repository.

To subscribe, go to opensrf-commits